My Jesus Will Return To This World-Hard Rock, Pop Rock, Christian Rock-Devotional Rock-Jesus Will Re

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This pop rock song is presented with 12 tracks mixed electronically. Jesus is loved across the world as the son of God, the divine messenger of Almighty, and the beloved healer and lover of mankind and even animals, who came to communicate great messages from the God for the future of humanity. From the perspective of a believer and lover of Jesus, his return will be the best day for everyone on planet earth. He loves every human being and other living beings. He will never allow an apocalypse to happen. In his second return, he will win the beliefs of everyone on Planet earth and guide them to worship the almighty. THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD; WE EMERGED FROM HIM AND WILL MERGE WITH HIM. Jesus is going to make this clear to all of us and integrate all humans through his messages of peace, tranquility, and love!!
My Jesus Will Return To This World
Christian Rock Song
Christian Hard Rock
When Will Jesus Return To This World?
Pop Rock Music
His Love for Humanity Caused Our Survival!!
His Words of Tranquility Saved Us From Catastrophe!!
His Love Is Eternal!! His Might Universal!! He Is Paramount For Us!!
There Will Be No Apocalypse!!
My Jesus Will Return To This World!!
My Christ Will Return To This World!!
(Repeated Twice)
We'll Witness This Immense Miracle!!
We'll Witness His Divine Emergence!!
(Repeated Twice)
Humans Will Be Full Of Happiness!!
This World Will Be Full Of Hopefulness!!
There Will Be Cheerfulness Everywhere!!
There Will Be Love And Peace Everywhere!!
We'LL Be United In His Passion!!
We'LL Be Exalted In His Glory!!
We Will Shed The Clashes In His Name!!
We Will Shed The Fears In His Praise!!
His Rule Will Deter All Crapulence!!
His Might Will Defy The Fiendish!!
He Will Be Divine Abettor!!
There Will Be No Apocalypse!!
My Jesus Will Return To This World!!
[Entire Sequence Repeated]
Contexts of terms used in the lyrics:
Crapulence: A depressed state of mind when the future is uncertain!!
Fiendish: Evil actors!!
Divine Abettor: Divine helper and supporter of mankind!!
Ruler: ruler of hearts and souls!!
Christian Rock Music Category C
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