dinerøø - Coochie Scout Member (Prod. BEATSBYSAV)

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[Verse 1: Dinerøø]
Hold On
Nigga mad at me cuz he heard I fucked his bitch
Ion give a fuck about dese niggas they not wit da shits
If I catch that nigga ina cut he gone act like a bitch
If I shoot that nigga he don't die then he gonna snitch
Ima shoot that nigga ina eye make sure he that twitch
They like why you shoot I had to he was talking shit
Ion give a fuck about that boy cuz that boy a bitch
Ima have this lil freaky thot on Blac Chyna shyt
Ima have that bitch on camera sucking on my dick
Lil bitch in pajamas tryna get hit
Talking to me wit no manners she a gangsta bitch
You can't tell her nothing
When me and her stuck ina room we always fucking
Yall niggas out kissing hoes and yall out cuffin
Ima kick a bitch out my car like David Ruffin
Bitch said she was coming over I knew she was bluffin
Bitch ask me for 10$ and I gave her nothing
Bitch always wanna argue I ain't wit da fussin
Niggas wanna talk like they got it but got nothing
Niggas always wanna hate got no love to show
Nigga you be stuck ina crib wit no weed to blow
Nigga you be stuck wit some hoes but can't fuck em doe
Niggas know I be out here I stay wit the pole
Im the type a nigga dat a leave yo body ina cold
Im the type of nigga dat a take yo gun and yo gold
Im the type of nigga in dat jam I will never fold
Im the type of nigga that be fucking all dese niggas hoes
And he ain't even know
I member days niggas out here left me on my on
Stil till dis day I could never trust a fucking soul
If I fuck up on yo bitch ima take her soul
Im the real coochie man how you ain't know
Im the real gucci mane lemonade sold
Ima pull up to the club wit a bankroll
If I shoot you in yo neck then its case closed

Dinerøø - Coochie Scout Member (Prod. BEATSBYSAV)
Music Jam Music Category J
Hip Hop, Rap

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