I Don't Speak To You - Dimitris Skoulas, Drakos Sapoutzis, Vassilis Saloustros

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Good Greek traditional music is fairly scarce, too, which makes this set all the more welcome. The English notes aren't very specific, but these recordings are called "old" (though they're technically super) and they certainly are splendid local versions of music from all over mainland and island Greece, with a great range of style and instrumentation and some real rarities -- even Corfu-Italianate.

Greek traditional (folk) music or “dimotiki music” as it is most commonly called, includes all songs, tempos and rhythms of the Greek regions (with the exception of more recently established urban areas). These compositions, in their vast majority created by unknown authors, exist for more than a century and their origins are located in the Byzantine period and Greek antiquity.

This group consists of not one but many types of compositions usually characterized based on the area where they are performed or created (Greek islands, Epirus, Pontus) and they are often related to the music of neighboring nations. Apart from territorial criteria, traditional songs can also be classified according to their content and the occasion upon which they are performed (carnivals, weddings, migration) or according to the musical, rhythmical, structural and literary characteristics (versed, 7-syllable verses, etc).

I claim no rights to the song in this video.
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