RUN FOR YOUR LIFE: The Promised Neverland (S1 E7-12) | KHANTEHNT!

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The board has been set, time to watch the plan play out. Krone and Isabella (Mama) conspire with the demons to perpetuate the murderous cycle of children harvesting while Emma, Norman, Ray, and the other kids struggle to survive. Things start to go off the rails as the plan gets compromised when Norman and then Ray are about to be shipped out while Emma has her leg broken by Mama. Watching the kids try to avoid total annihilation is intriguing, although a bit on the cliche side and with some "epig plot reveals" that the logic of leave you scratching (or pounding) your head. You enjoyment may vary depending on how you look at the show, as ours did, but the dream of the children escaping to safety over the wall is a beautiful one. And don't forget about my man Phil, strongest of babies! What a badass.

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