Mustang Monday, Don't Compare Yourself to Others!

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Mustang Mondays
If you like fast cars, fun chats and badass tips from the streets- look forward to Mustang Monday’s! BadAss tips from the streets!

Mustang Mondays begins with accountability. I share stories of how the Mustang came into my life, the story of its evolution, how it became my "heart" car; The little scuffs and scrapes she’s experienced along the way but the reality is that in my effort to preserve her (13 y/o sports car with less than 100k miles) I tend to ignore her. I tend to take advantage of her. And I let her sit in the garage too long and her battery dies. Something that’s been the issue since the very beginning. And most of us can just look at it as typical mechanical car issues. But if you look deeper and consider how it could be a metaphor for us not taking care of our dreams or cultivating new ones and just ignoring something that was so precious to us before. So I’ve decided to now drive the Mustang every Monday. Give her the attention she needs, keep her in good shape, and enjoy this car. Sometimes I considered it an inconvenience to drive it until somebody else’s perspective said if I had this car I drive it all the time how dare you think it’s a chore. A friend is holding me accountable to drive the Mustang every Monday. So I thought well if I’m gonna drive the Mustang every Monday I might as well do something about it so I’m gonna share some BADASS tips from the streets.

Joining me today for Mustang Monday is Lisa Wayman, business development and marketing badass and we had such a great conversation covering common issues when building your “professional brand”.

Mustang Monday: Badass Tips From the Street!

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