Young Smokes & Victor Atlatl Being Badass

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The primitive, the prehistoric man, hunting his dinner and defending his home, with the amazing tool, the atlatl. Great fun, epic precision, deadly penetration, the atlatl is sure to take down any prey you set your sights on, and make you look like a badass man while doing it! Explore the roots of manhood, take a trip to the wild side, and get yourself an atlatl.

Victor Ahearne, founder of Victor Atlatl, is a great man and great friend of mine. Although he does not smoke cigars, he’s certainly capable of smoking any target with his atlatl skills! Clink the link to keep updated on the badass Victor Atlatl here:

A Young Smoke is a young man that does his work, thinks independently, stands for what he believes in, and enjoys a good cigar or pipe. There are many young smokes out there, as there always has been and always will be. Don’t be afraid to be a proud young man, and don’t let anybody tell you that you shouldn’t enjoy a good smoke.

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